Yes, constituents with this checkbox marked on their record are automatically removed from NetCommunity Constituent email lists that are based on Raiser's Edge queries. However, please note the following specifics: 
  • The "Requests No Email" checkbox opt out for Constituent Lists are per Constituent and not per email address. If the same email address is on more than one Constituent record in The Raiser's Edge, then it can still be used on the constituent(s) that are not opted out. For example, the same email is on constituent record A (that has Requests No Email checked) and constituent record B (does not have Requests No Email checked). If constituent record A is in a list, then that they will not get an email sent. However, if constituent record B is in a list, they'll get the message. If A and B are in the same list, then the address will receive the message because B is not opted out.
  • A Raiser's Edge constituent that is marked Requests No Email may still receive an email if other NetCommunity list types are used (Imported List or User Defined List). The Requests No Email is only applicable to Constituent Email Lists. 
  • Transactional emails, such as acknowledgement emails (donations, event registrations, etc.), eReceipts, and/or password resets, will always be sent out no matter what a user's email preference is. These are not considered "marketing" because a user action (making a donation, for example) initiated the one-time email. 
  • If someone is opted out and needs to opt back in, please refer to: Opting back in to email messages after unsubscribing