The Marketing Segment, Marketing Source Code, Mailing ID, and Finder
Number columns capture information related to your organization's direct
marketing fundraising initiatives can be used to receive data from Blackbaud Direct Marketing. For information about Blackbaud Direct Marketing, contact your account manager.

    • Marketing Segment: Enter the marketing segment (target group) to which the
      constituent belongs. Marketing segmentation helps the effectiveness of your
      fundraising by enabling you to target your best prospects with the appropriate
      packages (mailings for example). The main reason to use segmentation is that
      different groups of donors will have different responses to appeal packages.
      Targeting specific groups enables you to increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing.
    • Marketing Source Code: Enter the code associated with a package. This code can be a series of letters and/or numbers affixed to an outgoing initiative that identifies such things as the list, offer, package, segment, and media.
    • Mailing ID: Enter a number that identifies the specific mailing that generated the gift.
    • Finder Number: Enter a number to identify a person in the mailing.