1. In the Action record, select the Email category
  2. Select the appropriate email address in the Email drop-down. The constituent must have an email on their preferred address to select an email.
    Note:  If emailing a contact at an organization firstly select the contact from the Contact drop-down on the right of the Action screen and the appropriate email address(es) for that contact will then be available in the Email drop-down.
    The contact email address(es) listed in the Email drop-down are from the contact''s record on the Relationship tab of the organization Constituent record.
  3. Click the envelope icon beside the email address
    On the menu bar, select Action, Send email
  4. Outlook will open up. Compose the email and click Send.
Note: Once the email has been sent, the body and information about the email will be automatically saved as a Note on the Action record.