You will need to activate the pattern in the academic year/session by doing the following:
  • Activating a pattern for an academic year/session
    1. On the Configuration page, select Academic Years
    2. Select the correct Academic Year record, and click Open
    3. Highlight the session, and click Open
    4. In the Available patterns box, mark the checkbox for each pattern to activate

      Available patterns box

    5. Click OK


  • Selecting a pattern on a course record

    On the Restrictions 2 tab of course records, you define rules for Generate Master Schedule to use when creating classes of the course. If you want classes to follow a specific scheduling template (previously defined in Configuration):
    1. Select Pattern in the Restrict by field
    2. In the adjacent field, select from the drop-down list

      drop-down list

    Note: The only patterns available are those activated for the school in that academic year and session