Try each of the following, in order, until the issue is resolved. 
  1. Include anonymous gifts in the report:
    1. Select Tools>User Options.
    2. Select the Reports tab.
    3. Select Gift Preferences from the left-hand pane.
    4. Mark the Include anonymous gifts chcekbox.
    5. In the Format dropdown, select Leave name intact or Asterisk at end of line.
      • Note: This is a user-specific option.
  2. Confirm that each gift given by the constituents falls within the date range set on the General tab of the report.
  3. If a Query is included on the General tab of the report, confirm that the constituent or the constituent's gifts are included in the Query.
  4. Confirm that the correct Donor Category tab is being used in the Report:
    1. On the Report, select the Format tab.
    2. Select Details from the left-hand panel. Note the value in the Donor Category Table dropdown.
    3. Select Config>Tables.
    4. Select the Table Name noted in Step 2. Confirm that the correct Donor Categories are listed on this table.
  5. Recreate the Query included on the General tab of the Report.
  6. Recreate the Report.