Every Blackbaud client organization has at least one site administrator who manages your organization’s information in our records. To find out which individuals at your organization have site administrator rights, click my Blackbaud on any Blackbaud.com web page to access your profile; then click the number under Organization Users. 

Your organization can have as many site administrators as you’d like. We automatically assign the role of site administrator to your primary Blackbaud contact who signed your purchase agreement, and your first site administrator can give other users site administrator rights as needed. and scroll down to the Default Organization Information section.

Site administrators manage your organization’s information in our records. They can invite users to create Blackbaud.com logins, remove users, manage user roles, update their organizations' addresses, request hosted database backups and reset certain passwords following the instructions below.


  • It is your organization's responsibility to verify its user records are up-to-date. For your security, please ensure the site administrator and primary contact roles are given only to users who are currently at your organization. Users with those roles can download the supervisor password reset utility for your organization's software, if applicable, and can reset passwords for Blackbaud Merchant Services, Blackbaud Payment Service and Blackbaud Hosting Services. Your organization is also responsible for adhering to best practices regarding password security, such as restricting users from sharing logins.