The Perfect Attendance List generates a list of students who have perfect attendance within a selected academic year, session, term, or date range. The report includes students who have no attendance entries of selected attendance codes during the time range specified.

    • In Reports, select Attendance Reports.

    • Select the Perfect Attendance List and click New.

    • On the General Tab, select the appropriate School, Academic Year, Session and Term.

    • Select the attendance codes to consider and ignore in the report.
      For example, if a student has an absence due to a field trip, but you do not want the field trip code to count against him, select the code and move it to the Ignore Entries field.  The student will still be considered for perfect attendance.

    • On the Filters tab, select the appropriate filters.

    • On the Columns tab, select the appropriate output.

    • On the Format tab, set the desired report formats.

    • Preview/Print the report.