• In Mail, click Forms, and then Statements.
    • Open a saved statement parameter or click New.
    • On the General tab, mark the Include records with a zero balance checkbox. If this box is not marked, records with zero balances will be excluded from combined statements.
    • On the Format tab, highlight Detail (for versions prior to 7.7 select the General tab)
    • In the When a statement recipient pays for multiple records field, select one of the three options:
      • Combine records onto one statement: This option combines all records the recipient pays bills for onto one statement.
      • Create one statement per record: This option prints one statement per record.
      • Use the statement settings for the statement recipient: This option references the settings defined on the statements tab for the statement recipient. For example, if the print separate statement checkbox is marked, a separate statement will print for each record.
    • Click Preview.
    Note: In order to receive statements for multiple records, the payer must be marked to receive statements on the Statement tab and on the Relationships tab on the student record.