If using the Event Registration Form (Classic) part type [labeled as "Event Registration Form" in NetCommunity version 6.45 and below]:

The Pricing Units for an Event Registration Form (Classic) part are created in the Raiser's Edge on the Event Record. They appear on the Event Registration Form (Classic) part type in the order that they were created in the Raiser's Edge.
To change the order of these pricing units in the Event Registration Form (Classic) part type:
  1. Log into the Raiser's Edge and open the Event Record
  2. On the Pricing tab, remove all the pricing options as they appear.
  3. Re-enter them into RE in the correct order that you'd like for them to appear in NetCommunity.
  4. Log into NetCommunity with the necessary rights to edit parts.
  5. Edit the Event Registration Form and cut the Event from the part and save.
  6. Re-add the event to the part and save.
  7. If the pricing levels do not appear immediately, you may need to refresh your code tables at Administration > Sites & Settings > Code Tables > Refresh Code Tables.
  8. You will now need to reconfigure all of your "Participants/Units" and "Max Units" on the Event Registration Form.

If using the Event Registration Form part type in NetCommunity version 6.50 and above:
  1. Edit the Event Registration Part in NetCommunity 
  2. Click Edit next to the Event you would like to alter
  3. You can Click and Drag pricing options into any order