1. Open the Student's record and locate the Advance Deposit and Payment.
  2. Open the Advance Deposit > select the Payments/Credits tab> Click  Unapply All Payments/Credits.
  • Note: Unapplying the payment creates a reversal entry which must be posted to the General Ledger (BB51849) before the Advance Deposit may be deleted.User-added image
  1. Return to the record > highlight the Advance Deposit >Click on the red X in the menu bar to to delete the Advance Deposit.
  2. Double-click on the Payment to open it.
  3. Click on Payment in the menu bar > Select Reverse this Payment as a Refund.
User-added image
  1. Fill in the appropriate information on the Refund window.
  2. Click Create Refund Check
  • Note: If this option is grayed out refer to Knowledgebase article: Create Refund check button grayed out (BB206696)
  1. Select the bank account and the person for whom the check will be printed > Click OK.
  • Note: It will pull up the one time check. Edit any information necessary and then select Print Later and Close. This will allow the check to be printed in the next Accounts Payable check run.
  • Note: Only select Record and Close if the check is being written by hand.
  1. Save and Close the Refund.