If a List is associated with a sent Message or issue of a Newsletter, it cannot be deleted. This information is used to compose email reports in Blackbaud NetCommunity. There is not an option to delete a list without deleting the associated message.

To enable the Delete button on the list, all Messages sent to the list must first be deleted.
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity site
  2. View the list properties to find which email messages that need to be deleted
  3. Click Email > Messages
  4. Click the red 'X' icon to delete the message
  5. If using an Imported lists, the template used for the imported list to also be deleted.

Note: If the message is deleted, there is not an option to view reports for deleted messages. There is not a way to recover the deleted message

In some cases, due to the reporting structure of Blackbaud NetCommunity, even after deleting associated messages a list can not be deleted.