In The Raiser's Edge, if a constituent's spouse is also a constituent in your database, a Head of Household checkbox appears on the General tab of the spouse relationship record, allowing you to determine who in the relationship should be designated as the head of household.  The Head of Household checkbox is often used to determine who should receive a particular mailing.

On the "General" tab of the Create AddressFinder Export File screen in the 'Head of Household' Processing frame, you can choose how to handle this situation with one of three choices: 

  • Export only constituents marked Head of Household (Selecting this exports only the record marked as head of household)
  • Export the first constituent found (Selecting this option exports the first spouse indicated and skips the linked spouse. For example, Mary and Joe's results in the selection query is sorted alphabetically. Because Joe's record is processed first, AddressFinder pulls the address from his record and skips Mary's record altogether.)
  • or Export both constituents separately (Selecting this option exports both spouses)

Head of household processing applies only if both spouses are constituents and both are selected for the export. For example, if you use a query containing a constituent who has a spouse who is also a constituent, the head of household processing is not used.

If your organization does not enter spouses as constituents, you can leave the default setting of Export both constituents separately.  For more information on Head of Household processing in The Raiser's Edge please refer to solution What is Head of Household processing and how to use it?