In Records> click Faculty/Staff and open an existing or create a new faculty staff record (BB367934).
  • On the Bio 1 tab:
    You can define teachers' homerooms and specify whether teachers are current teachers at the school.
    Unmarking the Current Teacher checkbox prevents the scheduling of a teacher who is no longer at your school.
  • On the Restrictions 1 Tab

    Scheduling restrictions on the Restrictions 1 tab of faculty/staff records are not specific to an academic year or session.

    Restrictions 1 tab

    To schedule the teacher in only a specific room, mark the Only allow this faculty/staff member to be scheduled for classes in [ ] checkbox. You can select Homeroom or Specific Room in the adjacent field.

    If you select Homeroom, the program automatically enters the homeroom ID in the next field. If you select Specific Room, click the binoculars to search for and select a room.  Note: If you select to keep a teacher in the homeroom or another specific room, you must make sure that the room is listed as a resource on each of the courses the faculty member teachers.

    If your organization has multiple schools, you can associate the teacher with each applicable school.  Note: A new Faculty/Staff record will default to allow all schools created in the system. 

    You can specify students that cannot be scheduled in the teacher's classes. For example, restrict a teacher from having her own child as a student.

    On the Restrictions 1 tab, you also define a teacher's:

    • Maximum number of classes per term
    • Maximum number of meetings per day
    • Maximum number of consecutive meetings per day
  • On the Restrictions 2 Tab

    Scheduling restrictions on the Restrictions 2 tab are specific to a school, academic year, and session.  The schools marked on Restrictions 1 tab will appear on the Restrictions 2 tab.  You can designate the days and/or times in which the teacher cannot be scheduled. If you do not define restrictions, the faculty member is available at all times for scheduling.

    Note: To ensure a teacher gets a specific lunch time, define the time allotted for a lunch as a restriction on the faculty record.

    Restrictions 2 Tab

  1. Select the appropriate School, Academic Year, and Session.
  2. To restrict the teacher, in the drop-down menu This faculty/staff member is, select Not available for scheduling during these days and time.
  3. In the Cycle day column:
    1. To restrict by time, select <All Cycle Days>.
    2. The Restrict Availability column locks down to Time.
    3. Enter the Unavailable From and To time.
    4. To restrict by Cycle day, select the specific the cycle day.
    5. In the Restrict Availability By column select the period, time or Cycle day.
    6. If you select Period, enter the Unavailable Period, the times will update automatically from the timetable.
      If you select Time, enter the Unavailable From and To Time.
    7. Select Cycle Day to prevent the teacher from being scheduled for the entire cycle day.