• In Administration, click Target Analytics and select 'Update Constituents with Scores from Blackbaud Analytics' (step 4).
    • On the Update Wizard, note the path to where the exception files are saved. Browse to this location and open the file.  The default file name is plugin_exceptions.
    • Re-import the scores, using the exception file rather than the entire results file.
    Opening the exception file will give the Constituent Import ID of the record that was no imported.  If the ID does not exist then the records was deleted between the time the export and this import.  If the Import ID's do not exist Contact Support and reference this article. .

    Note: If the scores were imported using the Import function within Administration, the exception file path and file name will be different.  Check within the Import screen to see where exception files are saved, then browse out to that location on your workstation.  You will then be able to re-import the exception file in Administration, Import.