Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved.


    • Verify the schedule date is included in the generation parameters or modify the schedule on the record to reflect the desired generation date.
    • Select the filters tab of the generation parameters and verify the correct billing items or records are selected.

      Note: You must filter for the record that the bill code is defined on.
    • Ensure the correct generate option is selected in the generation parameters.
    • On the Activity tab of the record, ensure the billing item to generate is an automatic item. If not, delete the existing item, and add the automatic item.
    • On the Bill Codes tab of the record, ensure the bill code has been added.
    • In Configuration, Product and Billing Items, open the automatic billing item and ensure the correct bill code is defined.
    • Ensure the fiscal period is open. If it is closed, open the fiscal period or modify the billing schedule to generate in an open fiscal period.
    • Add the billing schedule to the records. 
    • Recreate the Generate Transactions Automatically parameter.