• Create a Gift query.
    • On the Criteria tab, select:

      Gift Information, Gift Type equals Pledge
      AND Gift Information, Pledge Balance equals 0
      AND Appeals, Appeal ID equals [the appeal]
    • On the Output tab, select:

      Gift Information, Last Installment/Payment Date Due
      Gift Information, Latest Payment Made
    • Export the query in CSV format.
    • Open the file in Excel.
    • In cell C2, enter the following formula:

    • Select Edit, Fill down from the menu bar to populate the formula to the rest of the rows in Column C.
    • Sort the spreadsheet by Column C.
    • Count the Number of rows with the value of Yes. This is the total number of pledges paid off early or on time.
    • In The Raiser's Edge, open the query and remove the filter: Pledge Balance equals 0.
    • Re-run the query. The total from step 9 divided by the records in the query gives the percentage.