In The Raiser's Edge, multiple countries can share the same Currency Type. The following process sets up a fake Currency Type to help identify gifts using an incorrect country so they can be edited and the incorrect country deleted.

#1 Set up the fake Currency Type (this only has to be done once): 

  1. Navigate to Config > Tables > Currency types 
  2. Add a new currency type. (Tip: Make it an obvious sample one such as your name and "bucks", such as WandaBucks.) 

#2 Add the fake Currency Type to country in Config > International:  
  1. Navigate to Config > International. 
  2. Open a country that needs to be deleted.
  3. Change the currency on the country to the one created in section #1.
  4. Click Save and close. 

#3 Create a query to identify the affected gift records
  1. Navigate to Query. 
  2. Start a new dynamic gift query
    • Criteria tab: Gift Information > Currency Type equals [fake Currency Type created in section #1]
    • Output tab: Add the following fields: Gift Information > Currency Type, Gift Amount, Gift Date, Gift Type, GL Post Status.
  3. Go to File > Save to save the Query. 
  4. Run the Query.
  5. Review the results. (Note: If any gifts are posted, run the Unpost Gifts plug-in using this query to unpost them. Only unposted gifts can have their Currency Type changed.) 

#4 Review Query results and edit as needed: 

  1. In the query results from section #3, double click on row to open the gift.
  2. On gift record, navigate to the Gift menu at top > select Currency exchange.
  3. In the new window, change the currency to desired one
  4. Click OK. (Note: If the gift was Posted, change GL Post Status back to Posted if needed.) 
  5. Click Save and Close.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each gift. 
  7. Refresh the query to remove records already edited. 
  8. When no results are present, proceed to next section. 

#5 Delete the country
  1. Navigate to Config > International. 
  2. Locate the country updated in section #2. (Tip: Open the record to confirm it's the one with the fake Currency Type.)
  3. Click Delete. 

Additional Notes
  • If there is more than one country to delete, repeat sections #3, #4, and #5 for each country record that shows this error message when deleting. 
  • Currency Type is not an available field in Global Change for Gifts or in Gift Import. 
  • If other "Country cannot be deleted errors..." still occur after reviewing gifts, please refer to Error: Country cannot be deleted because it is present on one or more records e country to be deleted].