You can record enrollment types for students on the Students tab of class records. Enrollment types include Regular, Audit, Pass/Fail, and Independent study. Regular is the default enrollment type. Students enrolled in classes by Generate Student Schedules automatically have an enrollment types of Regular.
  • Audit -- If you select Audit, only NG grades and grades that have been assigned a grade type of Audit on the translation table can be entered for these students.
  • Pass/Fail -- If you select Pass/Fail, grades are entered as usual for these students (e.g. regular letter and numeric grades can be assigned), however the grades awarded will be translated to Pass or Fail on these students'  report cards, transcripts and in NetClassroom.
              Note: The translation table associated with the course that the student has a Pass/Fail enrollment type for should be defined such that grade types of Pass and Fail are used. If a grade type of  Standard is used on the translation table then the the user will need to make sure that these grades will never be entered for Pass/Fail students because no grade will display on the report card or transcript.
  • Independent study -- If you select Independent study, Standard, Pass, or Fail grades can be entered for the student in the class.

Note: The enrollment type determines how the student is graded, has attendance taken, or is billed for the class. For example:
  • When a student audits a class, regular numeric or letter grades cannot be entered for the student for the class in Grades. If you change a student's enrollment to Audit after a teacher has entered grades for the class, the grades are deleted.
  • When a student is enrolled as Independent study, attendance cannot be taken for the student in the class.