To include diploma or degree information on Report Cards or Transcripts:

  1. In Mail, click Forms, highlight Report Cards or Transcripts, and open the existing parameter or create a new parameter 
  2. Once the parameter is open, select the Format tab 
  3. Highlight Student Information under the Header section. 
  4. Add the appropriate rows for Diploma, Degree, Major, Minor, Concentration, and/or Option.
    Note: If there are not enough rows available for the information, highlight Format under the Header section and adjust the number of columns or number of fields in Column under the heading for Student Fields
  5. Add a heading for each row, such as Degree 
  6. Save changes and preview the report card  or transcript
Note: The options to select Diploma and Degree information are only available with the optional Graduation Requirement Management module. To include diploma or degree information without the Graduation Requirement Management module, track the information as an attribute and display the attribute on report cards and transcripts.

If you are interested in purchasing the optional Graduation Requirement Management module, contact your account manager.