1. Ensure the same gift types are selected in the fund query and in the Gift Detail and Summary Report.

The default gift types for Summary for Fund, Total Given are:
MG Pledge
Stock/Property (Sold)
Recurring Gift
Recurring Gift Pay-Cash
Planned Gift
Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)

2. If the gifts you are querying on have been split with other funds and you are using gift amount in the output, this field will show the gift amount as opposed to the amount that was split. These split gifts can cause the numbers to be off because if you are only looking for specific funds in the Gift Detail and Summary report, the report will show the amount that was split to the Fund. When you show the gift amount in the query output shows the gift amount and not the split amount that went to the fund.

For example: If the gift is $500.00 and split $250.00 to Fund A and $250.00 to Fund B and the query criteria is built to pull gifts on Fund A, if we ask for Gift Amount we will get 500.00 in the output instead of the 250.00 that went to the fund.

Output the Field “Split Amount” under funds in the output of the query to show the 250.00 that went to Fund A. To output split amount, select Gifts, Matching Gifts, Split Amount in the output tab of query to get the amount given to the specific fund the query is built around. Outputting split amount will give us the correct amount for the fund.