Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Ensure the marking columns are marked as graded.
    1. In Records, click Courses, and open course record.
    2. Select the Grading tab.
    3. Open the appropriate academic year.
    4. Mark the course to Print on Report cards and/or Transcripts.
    5. Verify the marking columns selected to print on the report card and transcripts have the graded checkbox marked to print the grade on the report card and transcript. If you are printing the attempted or awarded credits, ensure there is a value entered in the attempted credits column and the award credit checkbox is marked.
    6. Save and close the course.
    7. Preview the transcript.

  • Ensure the correct terms are selected to print.
    1. In Mail, Forms, open the transcript parameters.
    2. Select the Details tab.
    3. Open the Courses section.
    4. On the General tab, unmark the option to "Print courses through <Term> or select a term that falls within the academic year.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Preview the transcript.
  • If filtering the report using a query of courses, ensure that the course is included in the query.