Run GPA calculations for the current academic year and marking column selected on the transcript.


Select a different marking column to display GPAs

  1. In Configuration, Academic Years
  2. Select the desired Academic Year
  3. Check the end date of the last academic year and the start date of the next academic year
  4. Extend the end date of the last academic year to make sure that today's date falls within the academic year start and end dates



If adding a GPA for seniors who have a graduation date for a term they are not enrolled in Academic Summary, make sure to run GPA calculations for the graduating marking column even if there are no grades for that column.
For example, if a student has finished classes in Semester One but GPA is not calculated until semester two, you would want to run GPA calculations for the both semesters for the GPA to appear in Academic Summary. 

Students who are graduated and have no Progression Entry for the current year will have nothing appear in the Academic Summary and you will not be able to run a GPA Calculation for them.