This message typically occurs when the Raiser's Edge record is not linked to the NetCommunity user record.

This may be the result of the following scenarios:
  • User's signup request is not processed yet in The Raiser's Edge
  • The Raiser's Edge record link between NetCommunity has been broken
Check the Plugin for outstanding Sign Up Requests:
  1. Navigate to The Raiser's Edge>NetCommunity Plugin
  2. Click the Sign Up Requests link
  3. Locate the user in question, reviewing their information and linking to a record, if needed
  4. Click Process
If there is not an existing sign up request in the Plugin, then we will need to create a new request:
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity website via [domain]/login.aspx
  2. Navigate to Users & Security>Users
  3. Search for the affected user and click the red X icon to Delete the record, temporarily
  4. Click OK at the prompt asking if you are sure.
    • You are returned to the Users Gallery.
  5. Mark the Deleted checkbox next to the Search button and click Search; the user you just deleted will appear in the results.
  6. Click the pencil icon to edit the record.
  7. Click the Undelete and generate a signup transaction link 
  8. This will automatically send a sign-up transaction into The Raiser's Edge
  9. Process the sign-up requests