In Configuration, Registrar Setup, Year Calculations, you define Year Calculations to calculate a student's year based on the number of credits earned.

  • For those year calculations defined for the first incomplete degree on the student’s record, the system will determine which range of credits the student falls into using the credits from courses that satisfy requirements in the incomplete degree.  Note that this should include the majors, minors, concentrations, and options associated with that degree. 
  • Courses that fall into another degree or fall into the Additional courses section will not be used to calculate the year value.
  • The year calculation automatically occurs for a student each time the student is awarded a credit in the system. It also occurs when the first degree entry is added to a student record.
  • If the student does not fall into one of the ranges for the degree, the system uses the business rule defined in Configuration - Business Rules - Student to assign a year. For example, you can create a No year assigned entry for the Grade Level table for any student who does not fall into the normal range of credits for students.
  • In the Year field on the Bio 1 tab of student records, the year the student is in based on the number of credits earned appears for informational purposes.
  • When defining a calculation or changing the credit values of a particular Year Calculation, the Year to calculate, or the degrees selected for a Year calculation, the following message appears: Changes have been to this year calculation. Saving this calculation will update Years on student records. This may take some time. Do you want to continue? Yes/No. Click Yes to have the system calculate the Year for all students.
  • If a course is used to satisfy multiple requirements, the credits from the course will only be counted once.
  • All courses that satisfy a requirement will be included regardless of “how” they satisfied the requirement. This includes substitutions and exemptions. Because no courses are necessary to waive a requirement, waived credits are not included in year calculations.