To set this up in the bank:
    1. In Banks, select the bank account
    2. Under General Tasks, click Edit Account Details
    3. On the Bank tab, select to track cash in Multiple Funds for each appropriate System and define the Default Cash Account
    4. Save and close the bank
    Note: If you track cash in a single fund, cash is always recorded in the single fund you select as the default cash account.

    Note: If you track cash in multiple funds, cash account entries are determined by the funds in the distributions of the associated transactions. For example: If you are entering a Cash Receipts Deposit and have payments going to multiple funds, the Deposit/Cash account will be broken out by fund based on the funds of the payments. There is not a way to override or manually specify the Debit account on a Deposit record, as it will always pull from the funds on the associated payments.

    Note: If you have the optional module Cash Management and want to track those transactions by fund, we recommend you track cash in multiple funds.