1. Create the If...Then...Else statement.
  2. In the text field, type in the name of The Raiser's Edge field you want to insert and put parentheses around it. For example: "Thank you for your gift of (amount)."
  3. Insert desired Otherwise statement.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Tools, Options. Go to the View tab.
  6. Mark the Field codes checkbox. Click OK. This will change the If...Then...Else statement into its code format.
  7. Highlight the text of the Raiser's Edge field that was typed in (for example, highlight (amount)).
  8. Delete this value.
  9. Insert The Raiser's Edge field you want where this text was located.
  10. Change the Field Code back to the normal view.

Note: When you change it back to the normal view, it will still appear how it was typed when the If...Then...Else statement was created. However, once the merge is completed, The Raiser's Edge value will appear here.