1. Create a new student query 
  2. On the Criteria tab, click Find, and enter Country in the Find what field 
  3. Click Find Next 
  4. Select each field that appears for Country and enter equals {country]. Select OR as the operator between fields. For example:
    Student, Bio 2, Birth Information, Birth Country equals Japan
    OR Addresses, Country equals Japan
    OR Medical, Country equals Japan
  5. Also select Citizenship from under Student, Bio 1, Demographics 
  6. On the Output tab, select the Student, Bio 1, Full Name
  7. Open each record from the results tab. Remove the country from the fields list in the query criteria 
  8. Repeat the steps for additional query types such as Individual, Organization, and Applicant
Try the steps listed above first. If this does not resolve the issue: Contact Support and reference this article.  We may need to request the most recent copy of your database for testing.