• Weblog part does not have security set correctly:
    1. Edit the Weblog associated with the news reader
    2. Select Targeting and Security tab
    3. Mark the Everyone checkbox
    4. Click Save
  • The incorrect URL is entered into the newsreader.
    1. Edit the Newsreader part.
    2. Copy the URL in the source field
    3. Open a new tab or window and paste the URL and try to navigate to that page
      • If the URL does not resolve, you need to troubleshoot this with the 3rd party RSS provider
      • If the URL does resolve, continue with the steps below
Note: If this error persists in a Self-hosted environment, then it is typically a result of a Firewall or other Security setting on the Servers that are blocking access to the RSS feed. We recommend contacting your IT Staff to open up a path for the Server to connect to your RSS feed address/URL.