What attributes are required for the MailWise process? (UK Version)

MailWise is a process in Blackbaud Europe for data cleansing which entails exporting and re-importing data. The below describes what attributes (constituent & address) need to be added to The Raiser's Edge in order for a successful import of data.

These attributes are used to identify the records cleansed by the service.
See UK MailWise Help File - Attributes for more information on the attributes to be added.

If the services you have chosen include E-Mail Append, Mobile Append or Wealth Snapshot then see the applicable Help Guide on the MailWise Supplementary Services article for the relevant attributes to be created.

Enter the attributes exact as shown in the Help File including capitalisation and spacing.

You may not need to add all the attributes as this depends which of the available services you have chosen.
See What is MailWise for more information on the services available for data cleansing and their related attributes.


 Raiser's Edge 7

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