Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Download and run the Previous Gift Split Information plug-in
  2. Post to General Ledger
  3. Globally change or delete the appeal on gift:
  4. Globally change or delete the appeal on constituents:
  5. Locate the appeal to be deleted on adjustments:
    • Create a Gift query.
    • On the Criteria tab, select:
      Adjustments > Gift Adjustment Appeals > Appeal ID equals [appeal to delete]
      OR Amendments > Previous Appeals > Appeal ID equals [appeal to delete]
    • If an adjustment is found, the appeal cannot be deleted from The Raiser's Edge unless the adjustment is removed.
    • If the gift is unposted, delete the adjustment and make the appropriate changes to the gift itself. For example, if the amount was changed on the Adjustments tab, remove the adjustment and change the amount on the Gift tab.
    • If the gift is posted, delete the gift with the adjustment and re-add the gift with the correct information. Note: Consult your accounting department before deleting the gift if you post to General Ledger to determine if this would cause problems in the accounting program.
  6. Inactivate the appeal so that it is no longer available when entering gifts rather than deleting it.