1. Open the mailing parameters in Mail.
  2. Select the Fields to Include tab.
  3. When the Addressee or Salutation field is first selected, the Customization Options for Addressee screen appears. Ensure that the correct addressee or salutation is selected. If the fields are already selected, highlight the Addressee or Salutation and click Options to open this screen.

    Customization Options

    • From individual: Select this option to use an addressee/salutation type present on the constituent's Addressees/Salutations tab (e.g., Primary Addressee or Primary Salutation). This prints the addressee/salutation exactly as it is listed on the constituent's record, including addressee/salutations marked as editable.
    • From Configuration: Select this option to base the name format on a formula from Configuration's Addressees/Salutations screen, regardless of what's entered on the constituent's Addressees/Salutations tab. 
    • Use individual name: Select this option to pull the constituent's first name, middle initial, and last name (e.g., Robert C. Hernandez).

      Note: In Mail, the default setting is Use individual name. 

    Select Contact, from the list on the left, to format the contact's addressee and salutation. For more information on contact addressees and salutations see  How to add contact's Addressee/Salutation.