1. In Reports, click Invoice Reports, highlight Open Invoice Report and click Next.
2. On the General tab, Select Detail for the Report format.
3. Select Specific date in the Show invoices open as of field and enter the last day of the reconciliation period.
4. Select Post date in the Base invoice open date on field.
5. Under Include transactions with these dates, make the following selections.
  • Transaction Date: Include All Dates
  • Post Date: <Specific range>, leave the Start date field blank and enter the End date from the General Ledger Report in the End date field.
  • Due Date: Include All Dates
        Note: To ensure all posted transactions are included, select Include all dates for the Transaction date and Due date fields.

6. Select the Filters tab
7. Change the Post Statuses Include filter from All to Selected
8. In the Select Post Statuses screen, highlight Posted and click the right single arrow to move the option to the Include these post statuses box and click. OK
NOTE: In many situations credit memo applications will have a Do Not Post status and will need to be included in the filter to show the invoice as paid 
9. Select the Format tab and highlight Detail
10. Mark the Show unapplied credit memo schedule checkbox
11. Click Preview
12. Subtract the Grand Total of the Unapplied Credit Memo Schedule from the Net Amount Due of the Invoices. Compare this number to the number on the General Ledger.

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