Registrar Setup changes
      1. In Configuration, click Registrar Setup and open the translation table.
      2. Ensure the translation table contains letters and numeric equivalents.
      3. In Registrar Setup, open the appropriate calculations and ensure each can be calculated using Grade or Numeric grades.

      Record Changes
        1. In Records, click Courses and open a Course.
        2. Select the Grading tab
        3. Open the appropriate academic year record.
        4. In the Values Allowed column for the marking column, select Grade, Numeric or Both.
        5. Click OK.

        Mail Changes
          1. In Mail, Forms, open the report card or transcript parameter set.
          2. Select the Details tab and open the Courses section.
          3. Select the Columns tab and open the column for each marking column.
          4. Under Column Format, select 'As Entered' for Letter/Number.

          NetClassroom Changes
            1. In Registrar's Office, select Configuration
            2. Select NetClassroom, Miscellaneous
            3. Select the grade format you wish to display for marking columns

            FAWEB Changes
              1. In Gradebook, select Grades.
              2. Click Customize
              3. Mark or Unmark the Marking Column Letter Grade checkbox.