The CASS_AddressFinderSummary.pdf is the report returned with the AddressFinder results file.  It is a two-page PDF file showing the breakdown of the results. This report includes the number of records submitted, the number of records matched to addresses in the National Change-of-Address database, and the percentages of each match type.

The second page of the report is the NCOA Link Processing Summary Report. The fields that are included in Section D of the report are listed below:

    • NCOA Link Processed: This is the total number of records in the export file that was submitted to AddressFinder
    • Total Matches: The number of records that were found in the NCOA database. You will also be able to see how many were company moves, family moves, or individual moves. The specific change is noted as an Address Attribute when imported.
    • No Match Found: The number of records that were not matched. Most of these are constituents who have not moved. The specific names of the records for each code in this section are not returned.
    • New Address Returned: Shows the number of the deliverable matches.
    • New Address Unavailable: Shows the number of the non-deliverable matches.
    • Total Errors: Shows the number of records that could not be CASS certified.