The academic year and term that open by default in Faculty Access for the Web are determined by the term that is currently in session. If the current date should fall within the dates of the current term, you can edit the appropriate session record in Configuration:
  1. In Configuration, Academic Years, open the appropriate academic year record.
  2. Open the appropriate session.
  3. Select the Terms tab.
  4. Edit the term's correct start date and click OK.

    Note: The term's start date cannot be earlier than the academic year's start date, which is defined on the General tab of the academic year record.
  5. Click Save and Close.


The user does not have access to Attendance in Setup System Security:
  1. Go to Administration, Setup System Security
  2. Open the user group the member is a part of
  3. Select the Registrars Office component and mark the checkbox to give access to Attendance
  4. Choose Options and mark to give the users Entry or View access to attendance