• To change the post date of a posted check:
    1. Void the check, but do not delete the invoice
    2. Post to General Ledger to post the reversing entries
    3. Open Banks
    4. Purge the check(s)
    5. Re-enter the original check information as a manual check (including the correct check date and post date)
  • To change the reversal post date of a voided check if the reversal is not posted:
    1. Open the voided check from the bank register
    2. Change the reversal post date to the correct date
    3. Save and close the check
  • It is not possible to change the reversal post date of a voided check that has been posted.  If the reversal has posted:
    1. Reverse the journal entry batch with the incorrect dates and post the reversed batch
    2. Copy the original batch
    3. In the copied batch, manually change the Post Date on the Reversing Entries to the correct date
    4. Post the copied batch with the corrected dates
      Create correcting manual journal entries in General Ledger