Local Administrator and NTFS rights are concepts related to Windows network security. 

The local administrator is a Windows user account that can perform system-wide functions to a computer.

Please also review what NTFS rights are required as well for users to directories on the Terminal Server or workstation.

Supervisor username and users with supervisor rights are concepts specific to The Raiser's Edge application security.

The Supervisor user name is the 'master' login for The Raiser's Edge. It allows you to perform any function and view all records in the program.

Supervisor rights refers to user's rights which can be assigned to a user name in The Raiser's Edge. There are specific functions only users with Supervisor rights can perform in The Raiser's Edge.

NOTE:  In The Raiser's Edge version 7.91 and higher, a user MUST log in under the Supervisor account itself -- not just an account with supervisor rights -- to view or change BBPS credentials.