1. In Allocation Management, Pools, double-click to open the Project based pool
  2. Enter the project ID after the last project listed
  3. Save and Close the pool
  4. In Allocations, open the allocation using the newly updated pool
  5. Select Allocation, Refresh from Pool from the menu bar
  6. The following menu will appear:
  7. Mark the boxes for the options that you would like to update from the pool. (For example, if you updated the Interfunds, the Source Accounts and/or the Destination accounts in your pool and would like those updates to appear in the Allocation, you would want to leave the Interfund box, Source Account box, and/or Destination Account box marked. If you recently changed the Pool basis on the Pool record and would like for this change to be reflected in the Allocation record, you would want to leave the Pool Basis option marked* (*Note: if (on the Pool record), the option was marked to "Use with indirect cost allocations", the basis is automatically set to “Account” and cannot be changed. For this procedure, the basis is “Account”).  For more information on Pools, Pool Basis, Source Accounts, and Destination Accounts, please see the Allocation Management portion of The Financial Edge user guide
  8.  Save and close the allocation
  9. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 for all allocations that use the updated pool