1. Log into Faculty Access for the Web as Supervisor.
  2. On the navigation bar, click Setup.
  3. From the list on the left, select Define Email relationship filters. 
  4. In Relationships types to include, mark All or Selected.If you mark Selected, mark checkboxes by the types to include in the Relationship Types list.
  5. In the Maximum number of relations to email for each student field, enter the maximum number of relations that should receive an email for a student.
Note: The relation included is always the first relation on the student record so the order of the relationships matters on the student record. For example, if the Max is set to Two, and Mother, Father, Grandfather, and Grandmother are selected in the Relationship types in FAWeb; Then in the Student Record the Relationships are in the order of Grandfather, Father, Grandmother, and then Mother, the system will send to the first two listed on the student record. In this case, Grandfather, and then Father. 
  1. Select to include, ignore, or exclude emergency contacts, relations that receive a report card, relations the student lives with, and relationships that show on transcripts
  1. Mark Combine emails for each spouse pair
  1. Mark Exclude deceased relations.
  2. Click Save.