Gifts are missing from Records and Batch after committing a batch and signing out

We've noticed that gifts and batches are missing. 
Click Chat with Support to discuss this issue with a support analyst and reference this article. Please provide the following information:
  • Are you using Citrix or Terminal Services?
  • What is the Operating System on the workstation and server?
  • Are you using MSDE or SQL Standard or Server Enterprise Edition (Full SQL Server)?
  • If using Full SQL Server, what Service Pack is being run?
  • What version of The Raiser's Edge 7 are you running?
  • Are use using Simple Recovery Mode or Full Recovery Mode for the log file?
  • What data is missing?
  • How do you know the data is missing?
  • Did you receive errors or did The Raiser's Edge close without error?
  • What exactly were you doing prior to losing data?
  • What is the database backup schedule in the Blackbaud Management Console?
  • Are you using the Blackbaud Management Console or another application (e.g. Enterprise Manager or a third-party application) to backup the database?
  • What is the size of the database?


 Raiser's Edge
 Duplicated in version 7.82.1514.1 ; Reported in version 7.81.1334.24

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