1. Ensure all funds are marked to preserve details during closing for projects
  2. In Allocation Management, click Pools
  3. Open an existing project based pool or click New Allocation Pool
  4. In the Details drop-down list, select Define details separately for each line item if each project uses a different set of accounts
  5. In the Project grid, enter the appropriate project(s)
  6. Select the Accounts tab
  7. Enter the fund balance accounts for each fund the projects in the pool are associated with
  8. Save and close the Pool
  9. Create the appropriate allocation and select the Allocation Pool created above
  10. Define the remaining allocation options and click Pre-allocation Report
  1. In Allocation Management click pools, New Allocation Pool
  2. Select Account from the Basis drop down menu
  3. Select Define details separately for each line item
  4. Enter the Net Asset Account and filter on one of the projects
  5. Repeat for each project
  6. Save and Close
  7. In Allocation Management, click Allocations, New Indirect Allocation (Revenue)
  8. Select the newly created pool
  9. Allocate on Entered Income and enter the amount of interest to be distributed
  10. Under the Source/Destination tab, click the Distribution button on each line item and distribute to desired Project
  11. Enter all applicable and required information and save
  12. Run the Pre-Allocation Report to ensure proper distribution.