Error: Comments have exceeded the maximum length by [number] characters. Please edit the content

When entering comments in Gradebook or posting grades from Faculty Access for the Web, you may receive the Error: Comments have exceeded the maximum length by [number] characters.  Please edit the content.  The comments may not appear to be over the limit and there is no exception in the preprocessing report. If the error occurs when entering comments in Gradebook, the comment page reloads and the Save or Save and Close options are grayed out.

Possible causes:
  • The comments contain special character formatting.
  • The comments may exceed the comment length set for the academic year.
Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 
  1. Edit the comment so it does not exceed the character limit.
  2. Copy and paste the comment to Notepad or another plain text editor. (Note: If using Microsoft Word, please refer to How to use rich text formatting in Faculty Access for the Web. )
  3. Delete the comment from Gradebook.
  4. Close the comment box, re-open it, and copy and paste the comment into it.
  5. Save the comment.


  1. Sign into FAWeb as the teacher
  2. Open the comments
  3. Close the comments without editing or saving
  4. Post the comments again

Remove or change the character limit for the academic year:

  1. In Configuration, click Academic Years and open the appropriate academic year
  2. Unmark the Limit comment length to [ ] characters option or enter a larger number for the comment length.
  3. Click Save and close .
  4. Clear the Server Cache in Faculty Access for the Web


 FAWeb ; 7.82.104, patch 33

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