1. Log in to the Raiser's Edge
  2. Click on the NetCommunity plugin or Online Express plugin from the left menu
  3. Click Donations for NetCommunity or Donations > Donation Transactions for Online Express
  4. Select the donation to be processed by clicking the donation in the Donation Transactions frame.  (The transaction will update to read "Checked out by: [username]" in the Transaction Date/Status column.)
  5. If the proper constituent is not already displayed in the blue box labeled "Linked Constituent", then click in the blue box and click Find Constituent [or press F7] to search for and link the donation to the appropriate Raiser's Edge constituent record.
  6. Click Process to process the gifts.
For more information on processing transactions and using the NetCommunity plug-in, review the NetCommunity Integration Guide (PDF).