To create a flash player part you must have a .SWF flash file, either stored on your workstation or uploaded to a web address. If your file is too large to be uploaded to your NetCommunity website please see how to increase your upload size in NetCommunity. Follow the steps below to complete this task:
  1. In the blue administrator bar go to Create > New Part
  2. Select the part type Flash Player and enter a name into the Part Name field
  3. Click the Next button
  4. From the Design tab, select a Flash file under Select File.
    • To search for a file on your network or computer, click Browse. The Choose file screen appears.
    • To use a URL to point to the file, enter the location of the file in the Provide URL field.
  5. In the Height and Width fields, enter the size for the Flash Player part. In the corresponding fields, select a valid CSS length unit, such as “%” or “px."
  6. In the Display method field, select how to display the Flash Player.
    • To display the Flash Player in a separate window, select “Window.” In Window mode, the Flash file appears to be on the web page but is actually on a separate window above the browser window.
    • To display the Flash Player in the browser window with an opaque background, select “Opaque."
    • To display the Flash Player in the browser window with a transparent background, select “Transparent."
  7. After you select a Flash file, it appears under Preview.
  8. Click Save.

Note: Blackbaud can assist you with questions about the Flash part, but will not be able to assist with editing or creating Flash content to be used in the part.