We use the following role types on blackbaud.com:  Software User, Software Primary Contact, Site Administrator and Invoice Contact.  All of these roles allow you access to the login-restricted sections of Blackbaud's website, which you can access from the Support menu.  To access login restricted areas on Blackbaud.com, your site administrator must assign one of the roles available to your organization.

The Primary and Site Administrator roles include additional rights on Blackbaud.com:

The Site Administrator roles give you the ability to:
  • Invite new users
  • Manage existing users
  • Add and remove user roles
  • Remove users from your organization
  • Update your organization's address
  • Reset BBMS, BBPS, and hosting passwords, if applicable
  • Download the supervisor password reset utility for your software, if applicable
The Primary role, listed as [product name] Primary, gives you the ability to: 
  • Update your organization's address
  • Reset BBMS, BBPS, and Hosting passwords, if applicable
  • Download the Supervisor Password Reset utility for your software, if applicable

On occasion, we'll notify your primary contact(s) of important software issues that may affect your organization, which is why we ask that you have a designated primary contact for each of your products. We also ask that you have at least one Site Administrator.

The Invoice Contact role determines who at your organization should receive Blackbaud invoices.

When your administrator invites you to create a login for Blackbaud's website, you are assigned one role. You can request additional roles, which your administrators can approve or deny. The administrators can also add additional roles as well as How to remove users from Blackbaud.com