• In Records, open the vendor record and select the Addresses tab
    • Click New Address or open an existing address
    • If entering a new address, enter an address description and address on the General tab.
      Note: The description is visible when entering the invoice, so be descriptive enough to determine which address to select. If the address fields are left blank, then no address will print in checks or mailings.
    • Select the Options tab and enter the vendor name you want to print on the check in the Name field. If the Name field is left blank, the vendor name will pull from the Vendor tab.
      If this address should default as the Remit to address on new invoices, mark the Default address for invoices checkbox. If this address is not marked as the default, you can select it in the Remit to field when entering invoices.
    • Click OK and save the vendor record.

      Note: When adding a new invoice, the Remit To field will default to this new address over the Primary Address, but can be changed before the invoice is paid if needed.