To Resolve user ID and password conflicts:

    • Ensure the correct user ID and password information is stored in The Education Edge.

    • Disable the ability to change user IDs and passwords in Blackbaud NetCommunity:

      1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity with Supervisor rights.

      • Open Parts, User Profile Form.

      • Select Section in the Profile Edit Form Design section.

      • Select User Login. The properties for the User Login appear.

      • Unmark the Editable checkbox for the User ID, Password, and Confirm Password fields.

      • Click Save and Close.

      • When a user logs onto the website, they can view their user profile and make changes to all areas except the My Username and Password section. You can unmark the Confirm password and Reminder Phrase checkboxes for security purposes. User access is not necessary due to The Education Edge Integration.


        • This information does not apply to Applicant records

        • FAWeb users with NetClassroom access will be imported using their FAWeb information if both options to import NetClassroom and FAWeb users are marked in Update Options. To be eligible for import, NetClassroom and FAWeb users must have an online User ID and Password. Any missing information will keep the record and from importing into Blackbaud NetCommunity.