If there is class activity outside of the designated funds, the numbers will reflect this.  Also ensure the reports are run using the same date ranges and filters.


The Statement of Financial Position has columns set to filter by class.  If there is activity in the system that posted to a fund with a class other than the class set to default on the fund, there will be differences between the ending values for the net assets for both reports.

To verify this:

  1. Filter the columns on the Statement of Financial position by each fund instead of by each class
  2. If the values for each net asset account match, this indicates there are transactions in each fund that were posted with a different class than is set as the default on the fund.

To find these transactions:

  1. Create a new transaction Query through General Ledger, Query and select New from the top of the page.
  2. On the Criteria tab:
    Select Account Distribution, Account Segments, Fund = 1 specific fund
    Select Account Distribution, Transaction class, Does not equal ( Select what the fund class should be)
  3. On the Output tab:
    Select Batch number, Account, Amount
  4. Run the Query

    Note: This will capture those transactions in the Query results.