• Create a gift query. On the Criteria tab, select Gift Information, Gift Type equals Pledge.
    • Create a gift export using the query created in step 1 in CSV format. On the Output tab, select:
      • Gift Date
      • Constituent, Constituent Information, Name
      • Installments, Date

        When prompted for how many installments to export, put in the number of installments in the pledge with the most installments.
      • Installments, Payments, Payment Gift, Gift Date

        When prompted for how many payments to export, enter 2.  You probably won't have more than one payment per installment, but this will give you some space between multiple installments.

      • Open the CSV file in Excel. It contains the installment date and date the installment was paid for all pledges.
      • If a pledge has more than one installment, each successive installment is listed to the right. Each pledge is on one row. In Excel, compare the first date to the second.  If the second is before the first, they paid the installment early. You can use an Excel function to compare these dates. For example, if you have a date in cell C2 and a date in cell D2, you can, in E2, type =if(C2>D2,"Yes","No"). This enters the word, 'Yes', in the cell if the pledge was paid early. You can copy the function to other rows and sort by the column to get all early-payers together.