From an Event record:
  1. In Records, click Events.
  2. Click Open an Event and search for and select an event.
  3. On the Participants tab, right-click the grid with the participant names.
  4. Select Export grid to Excel.

From a Participant export:
  1. In Export, create a new participant export.
  2. For the export format, select either Excel or Comma Separated Values.
  3. On the General tab, include a query of records if needed.
  4. On the Output tab, select the necessary fields.
For example: If we want to export the participant name, seating group, phone, email, and participation, we can select the following output fields:
Constituent, Address, Preferred Address, Phones, Phone number
When the criteria window opens, enter the number of phone numbers to export and filter on any specific Phone Types (i.e., Home, Email, etc.) as needed. For information on how to export the same field multiple times with different criteria (i.e., to have the phone and email in separate columns), see BB3503.